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Wage claims department stores in Hong Kong to promote increased to 33 per hourly

Economic upturn, department stores and accordingly the amount to enhance the business, many companies have recorded growth. Federation of Trade Unions survey found that 57.7% of the interviewees of the department store employees with pay freezes, nearly 16% of them even salary cuts. Low-paid employees in supermarkets and chain stores the most significant problem, 55.6% of respondents were less than 25 per hourly; 11.1% of people is only 20 dollars. Unions require employers to pay employees more than 6%, and put down a minimum wage salary for the 33.
   58% of respondents pay freeze

    Federation of Trade Unions under the Hong Kong Department Stores, Commercial Staff General Union in February this year, visit the 361 retail industry, 55% of the respondents said they have increased business, of which 33.6% growth in the company's business more than 10%; only 16.4% by respondents said that business back. Although most respondents to improve the company's business, the survey found that only 26.4% of respondents were salary; 57.7% of respondents were freeze; more have been reduced 15.9% of respondents.

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