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 Solution of loss-prevention and burglar

      Selection and adoption of anti-theft system .

        1.  RF (Radio frequency ) is used in retail store and supermarket ,and AM( Acoustic Magnetic )      are popular among chain-store and large department store .

   The performance of AM is more stable than RF systems ,and no false alarm ,but the cost of         AM   would be higher than RF s 

2.Introduction of RF and A M system

         1)  RF and AM system ( transmitter and Receiver equipment )

         2)  Accessories : EAS hard tag ,EAS soft label , Label Detactivator (soft label) ,Tag detacher(                   hard      tag ) ,detacher gun( AM hard tag) ,EAS frequency detector ,EAS safer ,


      3. Installation Instruction :

         First : Consider the  width of  entrances  from supermarket.

        Second : Choosing hard tag  according to  season  fashions .

       The big tag is apply  to the  thick clothing in winter .

       The small tag is for  thin coat and treasures  in summer .


       Third : Aaccessories .

       Detacher ; removing pin  of tag .

       pin : plastic pin and metal pin .


      Fourth : Installation .

      We begin to install  after  have considered the detecting range  and tags.

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